About Karl:

arl was linked to his first guitar, a toy, back when Elvis was making his first tv appearances. That guitar was a replacement for the broom he used to mimic the gyrating Presley. Ten years later, Bell began in earnest to teach himself to play a real one. He'd been listening to LPs, such as Johnny Horton's Greatest Hits, and many of the 45 rpm records that belonged to his older siblings. By the late Sixties and early Seventies, he'd acquired a variety of musical tastes.

Though he won't come right out and say it himself, friends claim that he taught himself to play guitar while watching and listening to the bands at the Pop House, a teen hangout well remembered by many Beloit Boomers. He still considers himself a loyal Beatles fan and he enjoys listening to the early Dylan stuff as well.

His musical sojourns dip into the Jimmy Buffet, James Taylor, and John Prine songbooks. A typical performance includes many songs from the Sixties and selections from his lone album, Places To Go. The vintage Country tunes, that pop up occasionally, are a tribute to them old family gatherings where he cut his teeth as a young guitar player. His style today is best defined as "Countrified Pop".

Bell has been performing here in the Stateline area, off and on for the last few decades. Most of that time has been as a solo act. He has performed for diverse venues that include Schools, Cub Scout gatherings, Nursing Homes and at many Stateline area Night spots.

He is most comfortable performing for friends and family who gather around a campfire while acoustic versions of singalong favorites are accompanied by the consumption of the favorite beverage of those in attendance.

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